What is Aiwa stands for:

Aiwa stands for an abbreviation for artificial intelligence web assistance. Aiwa provides you accurate information with in a specified geographical location in a smarter way.

How can I search in Aiwa:

Aiwa is meant to find the most accurate and reliable information relating to UAE.

In the home page search bar the desired word can be typed in. As when the typing progress a list of category, brands and companies will start drop down. You may proceed with your typing or can choose any from the assistive information appearing in the drop down. Then press “Enter” or click on search button. The result of your search will get appeared.

What is the use of “Filter bar” in the search result page:

The filter bar is to present the search result based on preferences of the browser. The options are hand picked after analyzing the most followed search pattern by the users and meant to enhance search experience by providing information leading to quick decision making.

Get acquainted with filters

Verified company:

Aiwa aims to cater only verified details to our audience and the process of verification will be a ongoing process in our back end. But till such time that we verify the data completely, we will be using the verified symbol to keep you informed that the details of such companies are verified by us and the information shown in are 100% reliable.


Companies that are dealing with environment friendly products are referred as a green company. The companies are differentiated with a white leaf in a green icon.


The ISO icon represents the accolades held by the company and indicates the credibility of the company.


Since gives you the year on which the company was formed.


You can add a company to your favorite list and it will get stored in your “My Account” facilitating a quick reference to the details of such companies as and when required thus .

Send group enquiry:

Group enquiry is a facility in aiwa.ae which allows you to send queries to a selected few in a single shot and thus eases you off from the hassles of repetitive work.

View details:

In Aiwa, a Profile page/ Detailed page is a multifunctional exclusive page where in a client can list all the details about his company. The page is capable of customization to a great level and thus each company will have its own individuality. The page and the site is designed with giving prime priority to user-friendliness and hence any updation needed could be made by the client himself with minimal time and effort requirement.

Facebook icon:

By clicking the icon, you will be able to view the Facebook page of that company.

How can I use the Whatsapp facility in aiwa:

  • Whatsapp feature is available to companies who have opted for it.
  • Clicking on Whatsapp icon will allow you to communicate with an authorized representative of that company instantaneously.


If the listed company has any mobile apps of their own, these can be viewed and downloaded by clicking App button.

Group Enquiry:

What is group enquiry:

Group enquiry is a facility in aiwa.ae which allows you to send queries to a selected few in a single shot and thus eases you off from the hassles of repetitive work.

How do I send a group enquiry:

  • Add preferred companies to the group enquiry list by either selecting the companies from search page or detail page by simply clicking on "Add To Group Enquiry"" button.
  • The added companies will appear on the top of the group enquiry button in the option bar.
  • Once all the companies are added, click on "Send Group Enquiry".
  • In the new page opened up, please type in "Enquiry Subject", fill in enquiry details, attachment, if required, is to be added by clicking on "Choose a file".
  • Click on send enquiry to complete the process.

What is the maximum size of the file that can be attached:

You can attach a maximum of 2MB size file with the enquiries.

How will I get the reply from the enquiries sent.

The replies will reach to your registered mail.

Is there a way to manage my group enquiries in profile page.

All the group enquiries sent by you will get registered in you’re my Account log, which can be reviewed at any point of time.

Ratings and Reviews:

What is the importance of Rating and Review:

Rating and Review is a very important feature of this site. These features are meant to give insight of a company from an experienced customer. The companies with more ratings and good review normally will be the right pick for association thus narrowing down the process of identifying the ideal firm to associate with.

Ratings and review – General Info

  • Aiwa considers Ratings and review as a service to the fellow community and act like a guidance while taking a business decision.
  • This gives the user the freedom to share his experience while dealing with a firm.
  • The act is of high responsibility, hence is limited only to registered users.
  • Reviews should be genuine and should be backed with sufficient supporting to prove your points in case of any counter argument from the other side.
  • All reviews submitted will undergo an automated scrutiny process by which the system checks for any use of restricted wordings and contents.
  • Reviews failed in moderation will be rejected and will not be published and the decision taken by aiwa will be final.
  • Reviews entered will appear in the system with in 48 hours of submission.

Ratings and Review guidelines:

  • Only registered users can rate and write reviews in Aiwa.ae
  • Ratings and reviews can be done from both the search page and the view detail page
  • Click on Write review button to pop up review page.
  • Please rate the company based on your experience with them to the scale of 5, where in 1Star stand for very poor opinion and 5 star is for the best.
  • The Reviews can be written in the space provided below the rating and can be uploaded by pressing submit button
  • Review should be at the least of 100 characters
  • Your review will reflect only with in 48 hours of submission.

Review scrutiny and rejection

Review scrutiny process checks the contents to qualify the measures set up by the laws of the land. Hence the automated review process will restrict the content from publishing if it is not satisfying the law/internal policies laid down by aiwa.

Tips to write a great review:

  • Reviews should be out of real personal experiences and should be realistic.
  • Most appropriate reviews focus on what makes a business stand-out and which type of clientele has a high propensity to like or dislike the business.
  • Best reviews are detailed, personal and often provide helpful tips on how to make the maximum benefit on visiting that specific business.

How to report an in appropriate review:

You can mail the details to us by accessing contact us option.

Aiwa My Account:

What is ‘My Account’ in aiwa.ae and what are its benefits

Aiwa My Account works as a back end dash board for each registered customer where in you can manage all the activities related with site and also could keep a track of the enquiries send/ received, keep liked companies as favorites, send clubbed communications. Features like Reviews, ratings, group enquiry etc. is enabled only to a registered Aiwa account holder. Aiwa My Account would also facilitate the latest updates on the sites including new features in line.

How do I register for Aiwa My Account

Click on 'Log in' from the top navigation bar. Then, click on 'Sign Up' in the Log in. It will take you to a new page. Type in your email address and choose a password. Then click on 'Sign Up'. The email ID nad pass word entered will be your username and password for Aiwa My Account.

What is the guidelines to be followed while creating a password

  • Minimum of 6 characters
  • Maximum of 16 characters
  • Please remember that your password is case sensitive.

You should change your password if you detect suspicious activities on your account.

What should I do if I forget password.

  • Click on 'Log in' from the top navigation bar.
  • Then, click on 'Forgot Password' in the Log in pop up window (Below the red log in button).
  • Type in your email address in the new page appeared and click on ‘Submit’ button.
  • A link will be forwarded to your email and by clicking it will take you a page where you can register new password by simply typing in your new password.

How do I deactivate my account:

Please click on contact us and we will be always there to help you!

What are the privacy and security policy followed by aiwa:

When it comes to privacy and security, aiwa.ae follows the best practices in terms of technologies and processes. Learn more about our Privacy policies. You can report any abuse or security issues by using our contact us form.

What is the selfi campaign run by aiwa.ae:

It is a modest effort from our side to spread the message of well being in the community. Every month we will engage you with a different topic where in you can express your views through a selfie taken with in the background matching the month’s topic. After moderation your selfies will get displayed in our site.

What happens when shared in Facebook:

Facebook shares allows users to share community information very quickly and efficiently based on their Facebook account.

How does privacy work with Facebook Connect sites

When you connect with a website, it can access information you've added through Facebook to allow you to interact with your friends in new and interesting ways. The Platform Developer Terms of Service restrict how Yellow Pages Group can access this information, and all sites are contractually obligated to respect the privacy settings you've chosen for your account. These are the same terms that developers who have created the applications you use on Facebook must follow.

This means that if you've blocked a user on Facebook, that user will not be able to see you on a "connected" site. When other users connect with a website, those users will not be able to see information you've added through Facebook that they wouldn't otherwise be able to see simply by browsing Facebook. You can decide what type of information your friends' applications can access from the "Applications and Websites" section on the Privacy Settings page. (Source Facebook http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=730)

Listing Companies with Aiwa.ae:

How can I get my company listed with aiwa:

We provide free listing service to all the companies in UAE. You can get your company free listed by simply clicking on the Free Listing button appearing in the pages of aiwa.ae. Please fill in the free listing entry page and click on “Submit” button.

How can I avail the exclusive features of aiwa.ae for my company:

  • You can use the contact us option.
  • Dial in to our toll free number +971 45182888
  • or simply mail to info@aiwa.ae

Our sales personnel will guide you through the different plans and processes to be followed.

I still need help

Please click on contact us and we will be always there to help you!