Zultec Technical Services LLC

With over a quarter of a century’s experience under our belt and a growing family of over 400 dedicated professionals, we have pushed forward to become one of the leading companies offering comprehensive industrial and retail trade solutions.
Through our multi channeled solution oriented approach, Zultec Group offers vast coverage of industrial and retail supplies and manufacturing; food processing facilities; state of the art label generation to supplement marketing and sales; engineering and software solutions; and tracking and fleet management.
Our integrated business ideas enable a fluid transition of your product from the assembly line into the consumers’ hands. Empowering our clients to fluently promote their brands, with Zultec Group you can have the ease of mind that your product reaches its target market unscrupulously.
With an international network of highly skilled professionals enabled by our innovative Research and Development faction, our cutting edge manufacturing facilities provide the way forward for our clients. Expanding our reach through three continents, our astute alliances with leading global brands assure that you have the best minds working for your benefit. Realizing our corporate duty by encouraging sustainable development, Zultec Group promotes prosperity with responsibility to help create a better future for everyone.