Zika Pest Control

Since 2016
Zika is a leading provider of professional pest control services and pest management contracts to residence, hotels, apartments, villas, restaurants and offices throughout the UAE.
Established in 2016, we continue to enhance our operational excellence, safety, customer satisfaction and innovation.
At Zika, we take a personal approach to pest control by putting the safety of your family and business first and providing the best solution for you. We understand that pest problems are stressful; therefore we promise to give you peace of mind from them. All our services are executed according to standardized procedures to ensure consistency, efficiency, and client specific solutions by applying innovative tools and techniques for effective pest management. Here at Zika, Not only homes but we also provide our pest control services to your business and commercial sites whereby reducing the risk of product contamination and encouraging more productivity in your business.
Experienced in the field of pest management, our team provides customized pest control solutions that fit your specific requirements. Our staffs are friendly, well trained, licensed and professionals in all types of pest treatments and ensures that the job is done to the highest standards.
Some of the benefits you will enjoy include:
•    Same day service - usually within a few hours
•    24/7 assistance
•    Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff
•    Safety First tips for you and your family from pests
•    Free business consultations
•    Discounts when you bundle
•    Business packages.