Spectre Life Skills & Mind Fitness Centre

Since 2010
Sceptre is based in Dubai, established in 2010 under the directives of Community Development Authority. Sceptre is managed by Susan Koruthu who has an aggregate of 7 years of counselling and guidance and over 12 years of management and coaching expertise Susan possess bachelor degree in Home Science, master degrees in Social Work and Applied Psychology.  She also possesses practical knowledge in Pranic healing and Yoga.


To be the number one service provider in developing healthy individuals, families and societies and to enable every individual to achieve self-actualisation


Sceptre is committed to providing a broad range of high quality, innovative, ethical and unique Client-focused services that address their psychological, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and developmental needs.


Confidentiality: We give utmost care to protect the confidentiality of our Clients
Unconditional positive regard: We accept our Clients without any prejudice.
Respect: We respect our Client and their unique life situations
Empathy: Empathy is the base for our support service activities
Trust: Our service is based on mutual trust between us and our Clients