Specialized Aluminium & Steel CO. LLC (SASCO)


In 1983, Specialized Aluminium & Steel Co. W.L.L (SASCO) was established in Doha by Mr. James K. Chacko, as an enterprise for aluminium and steel works. The basic business field in the start-up of SASCO W.L.L. was the fabrication and installation of aluminium windows & doors for specific construction projects in the emerging State of Qatar.

The marketing performance and the product fabrication quality of SASCO W.L.L. caused to an outstanding customer’s satisfaction. Therefore the market coverage improved and other business activities were added to the core business, to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability for the future market.

In the following 15 years till 1998 SASCO W.L.L. was completed by several divisions and working fields:

- Conventional/structural glazed curtain walls - Unitized/semiunitized custom-designed curtain walls - Frameless glazing - Stainless steel point fix glazing - Skylights, domes and conservatories - Aluminium screens and partitions - Glazed balustrades and handrails - Aluminium kitchen cabinets - Stainless steel architectural works - Architectural metal cladding

The market acceptance reached higher regions by utilizing famous European brands for curtain wall systems and glass panels. Also aluminium composite panels have been integrated in the scope of fabrication services.