Sonia Electronics LLC

Over the years we have provided sound systems, audio and lighting equipment for prestigious concerts indoor / outdoor events, corporate trade shows, Fashion shows and extravagant wedding parties the success of which have gained us credit amongst our clients and praise from within the industry.
We are also dealers in a wide range of professional audio lighting equipment’s as well as a variety of musical instruments. Sonia Electronics L.L.C. is one of the few companies in Dubai able to provide the highest quality of sound reinforcement and lighting equipments and the expertise to meet any kind of demand and fulfill them to international standards.
From the outset, our design and engineering team set out to create new solutions to meet the demands and tackle the challenges posed by the increasing number of indoor and outdoor venues and wide variety of applications ranging from special events, sports coverage, theatrical events and raves to weddings, conferences and live gigs.
Being a privately owned and fully independent, Sonia Electronics LLC has always been uniquely positioned to respond quickly and creatively to the fast changing needs of customers in the face of stiff competition. In order to do so, after 1995, we added loudspeaker systems like Court Black Box, JBL Loaded Concert MCW Viking Audio series and JBL SRX - F to our main Professional Audio list along with lighting rigs which include Robe, Clay Paky moving-heads, Futurelight Scanners, City Color wash, Follow Spots, Kvant lasers, projectors and a wide range of conventional Par cans all programmed and mixed on Avolite, Q - Commander and Pulsar Lighting desks. Hence forth we have been upgrading our equipment’s every year as per the market. All of which means that we are able to handle a number of shows simultaneously.