Saca International Company LLC

SACA International was the first of the SACA Group’s companies to be established in 1977,and is a car accessory and spare parts company. With a large branch and distribution network and a reputation for innovation and exceeding customer expectations, SACA International has established itself as an industry leader in the auto accessory field.

In 2006 the SACA Group established Al Bawadi Construction & Building LLC. The team of experienced Engineers and technicians at Al Bawadi are specialised in civil construction projects and steel structure building.

SACA Heavy Duty Equipment Company is another SACA Group business. Established in 2005, this division of the Group deals in the sale and lease of heavy equipment and machinery.

All SACA Group companies share a unity of purpose in their goals of superior product quality and customer satisfaction through professional customer service. With such diversified interests, proven leadership and pioneering vision, the SACA Group is well positioned for continued growth and success.