RMA It Consultants

RMA IT Consultants was incorporated in 1998 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It initially focused on providing networking and annual maintenance contracts for hardware and networks to a range of companies. With different expertise and allied companies, RMA IT Consultants had been able to provide its services on different operating platform.
Since beginning of 2000, a new joint venture has been established between RMA IT Consultants, NCR Corporation in Dubai and Action Systems Incorporation in USA to provide solutions and services for retail and hospitality business in the Persian Gulf region.
RMA IT Consultants has progressed well with its resources. We have managed to build up a team to provide our customers with professional as well as state of the art services in many areas. Our team specializes in sales and marketing, retail solutions, hardware maintenance and consulting, networking, and support. The company draws its strength not only from an in-house qualified and competent team of professionals, but also from critical alliances with local and international partners carefully selected and nurtured over the period of time into beneficial business relationships.