About Us


Redox Information Technology LLC

REDOX INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY registered on 8th OCT, 2012, with the Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai, is established with the objective to perform as the providers of IT Infrastructure, IT Installation, Exporters of laptops Computers, Software’s Development, etc. in accordance with the norms, terms, and conditions. The main motto of the firm shall be “to take the right product to the right place at the right time”. There are several market players for every commodity and hence there arises a hassle in selection the right product fitting into the financial status, which would be fit one’s expectations, keeping in view the quality. The Support of High-Quality Management, having strong reputation shall help in concluding for excellent customer service.


REDOX INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY is born out of a vision to provide value products of high quality at affordable prices. As rightly said the kind only a true heirloom can inspire about the legacy passed on to the new generation in the old touch, with new scopes and innovative ideas,


We at REDOX INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY have improvised ourselves to the call of the day needs, in providing IT Infrastructure, IT Installation, Supplies & Exporters of Laptops, Computer etc. A dream come true for those who demand something more in life, we meet the requirement. With the back support of the reputed branded Manufacturers in promoting different products according to the day to day market needs, fulfilling the expectations of the customers, expanding the natural market and understanding the IT sector adds to the upliftment of the firm.