Punjab Restaurant

Total Rating - 4/5
Spicy, rich, flavorful and diverse are terms that are frequently used to describe Indian & Pakistani food. This would be an apt description of the food in Punjab Restaurant.

Since its opening in 1974 Punjab Restaurant has built a reputation of being one of the finest Indian & pakistani Restaurant in the area, providing excellent authentic Indian and Pakistani Specialties at reasonable prices. Punjab Restaurant believes in serving only the freshest ingredients, the most talented chefs and waiting staff of the most professional standard. We use only the freshest foods from local providers. 

Punjab Restaurant is conveniently located just 10 min from Rolla Bus Station, Al Ghuwair, Sharjah. With Humble and peaceful ambience, seating arrangement to accommodate more than 40 seats and an ideal venue for both individuals and families. 

We are renowned for our Tikka specialties. In Punjab Restaurant, we offer a comprehensive menu with a large selection of Indian & pakistani specialties which our chefs continue to refine. Apart from updating our menu and introducing new items, we take pride in maintaining the highest standards in hygiene and cleanliness.
We also offer free home delivery service for those who want to enjoy delicious Indian cuisine in the comfort of their own home.  Punjab Restaurant also caters event with any of the menu choices, Make your event one your guests will never forget with the sumptuous flavor of Indian Food. 

We are open every day from 5am to 2am.