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A team of highly enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have spent and experienced a large number of our professional years in the Worldwide Courier, Cargo and Logistics industry decided to join hands & open a world-class company in Dubai in the year 2004.The idea was to incorporate our tremendous professional experience with the emerging & upcoming logistics market of Dubai to become a leading one stop logistics solutions provider in the country.

To begin with we opened our first Freight Forwarding Office in Dubai UAE, in March 2004. By 2006, we decided to spread our wings & started our first branch in Kuwait. In 2008 we took to further expand our company and established a new branch in Iraq.

Within 2010 we poised to offer niche services to the Middle East and rest of the world and decided to open Courier Services division called Premium Courier Service and By 2012 we were present in India and in 2013 the company got into Warehousing and Logistics and established itself in Jebel Ali, Dubai-UAE with state of the art technologies.

PCS will continue to grow by having offices in various parts of the world enabling us to control our distribution & build our own robust logistics network and making it more efficient by adapting to changes which our customers require from time to time.

We at PCS sincerely believe that the existing service levels in the transportation sector have tremendous scope for improvement not only in the main cities but also to remote areas which has been neglected for a long period of time.

PCS strongly believes that its existing personnel of expertise can bring that required change in this sector which will broadly benefit the local population and experience the benefits and advantage of a tailor made transportation solutions at the most reasonable cost.

We firmly believe that on the commercial front, large and small industries can benefit from our Global networks by utilizing our import and export facilities and making our business more successful and sustainable. We are integrating the distribution system with various other products such as warehousing, same day delivery, domestic and industrial packaging, Air & Ocean cargo, Relocation services and many other related services that will support and integrate our products to benefit of our customers.

The PCS Group is an upcoming new brand in courier, cargo & Logistics Company having its HO in Dubai with its branch office in Kuwait, Iraq & India. This organization is focused to drive quality edged services to all the products listed in our Services.PCS desire to grow hand in hand along with our customers as our business partners and rolling out tailor made solutions to meet our partner's specific needs.

PCS is promoted by a team of professionals in the industry with a vast experience of over 25 yearsspread across courier, cargo & logistics field which gives us the ability to be proactive and offer various business solutions to meet customer's satisfaction. We strongly believe in our people who possess rich experience in the courier, cargo & logistics field and are committed in not only serving our clients but to make sure that at each and every phase of interaction with our partners, we build our relation and trust.

PCS have indigenously built our own tracking system that allows us to track every shipment within our network which enable us to give prompt feedback to our customers who in turn are positioned to take decisive business decisions. Our vision is to establish continuing excellence in delivery capabilities focused on the individual customer by handling our shipment with total commitment, thereby ensuring it arrives on time to achieve customer satisfaction.