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Welcome to Power Group of Companies

Manufacturing and trading companies are functioning a main role in the growth of each buildings and infrastructures. Power Group of Companies are one of the main manufacturing, trading and supply company in Middle East. We have an unrivalled footprint within the United Arab Emirates and other Middle East region, quick to recognize the potential and eager to participate in growth of United Arab Emirates.

"Power Group of Companies" established nearly 25 years ago. Since its foundation "Power Group" has been focusing on the cooperation with the customers from countries of Middle East, Asia and Africa. Its activity involves a complex of Business, Manufacturing, Trading and Real estate.

In a considerably short span of time, we have grown to offer a large range of products. Dedicated to the all-round development of the U.A.E. and the Middle East, we spread out our services for the benefits of the key players in the industry as they hold a high potential in the fruitful future and success of the economy. The spirit with which Power Group of Companies works reflects the zealous dedication and trust which the new generation holds in the market, and deserves consistent motivation and continuous support to boost the economy of the U.A.E.