Papa Pingo Cafe

Since 2015

PapaPingo is no ordinary eatery that was opened just as a Restaurant or a Café outlet. It is a fun, affordable, melts in mouth delicious concept for all ages that love the taste and aroma of cakes freshly baked to perfection and served piping hot.

PapaPingo is a globally successful Korean snack that was brought to Dubai by Sara Kasim, a dynamic young entrepreneur, who fell in love with this delicious street food on a visit to Korea accompanied by her husband during her expecting years. And from there on she could see her dream of starting an F&B outlet with a unique concept turn into reality.

Launched a franchise in 2015 for the middle- east and began experimenting on diverse fillings for the cakes that could also serve to the taste of the Emirati people. Thus started the process of a long & patient idea of creating a fun brand that would bring some new, simple, affordable and incredibly delicious fare to every mall in Dubai.

Papa Pingo offers finest ingredients and homemade feelings with advanced technology which are fully automated & hands-free, right from making cake sandwiches in an instant to packaging them in their customized packs, ready to carry or pick up while on the go.

Everything about Papa Pingo is fun, delicious & simply affordable.

Themed with the penguin character from the cartoon “Pingu”, best known for its fun & playful antics.