Oyster Bay Gems (L.L.C)

Since 2005
Total Rating - 5/5
Oyster Bay Gems is synonymous to quality pearl and is considered as the most preferred and trusted partner in the pearl industry. Founded by professional with decades of experience in the pearl trade, Oyster Bay stands class apart when it   comes to supplying Tahitian pearl , south sea pearl, fresh water pearl and Akoya pearl. Over the years, Oyster Bay has built an unmatched reputation with its resellers and is highly regarded in the industry for its reliable and efficient service level. Oyster Bay has a complete selection of cultivated pearl to meet the requirements of our elite & exclusive customers.

Guide To Clean And Care Pearls
Quality pearls are durable, but proper care is necessary to keep them beautiful and lustrous.here are some tips on how to take care :
*Gently wipe pearls with warm and damp cloth to remove body oils or dirt
*Keep pearls from chlorine bleach,vinegar, ammonia, hairspray
*Wear your treasured pearl after you have finished your make up, perfumes
*Wash pearls periodicaly with warm water  and wipe it with a soft cloth
*Do not store pearls in an airtight packages such as plastic bag
*Re-string pearls once a year if you wear them quiet often 

Quality Of Pearl

LUSTRE -More lustre the pearl is the brighter the reflection
COLOUR-Always look for pearls that have deep colour
SURFACE- Suface condition of a pearl affects its value
SIZE AND SHAPE-Perfectly round pearl is magnificent,but very rare
MATCHING-Matching two pearls are the important value factor 

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