Middle East Group

Middle East Group is a diversified group based in Libya, established in 1977 with financial headquarters in Dubai. We are one of the leading and respected business houses in Libya. 
Mr. Mohammed Aghil, Chairman, is a pioneer and a visionary in business. Started his business venture with a humble background in 1976 in the construction industry. Within a short span of time established a high reputation and market leadership in the industry. The group expands into various sectors and market leadership in the industry. Spearheaded the group expansion into various sectors.
Our team of committed professionals and skilled workers manage a broad spectrum of activities to offer diverse world-class products at the best value without settling on quality.
The Middle East Group family may be diverse, but is united by a shared theme of opening up a world of opportunities to the people who work with us and associated with us.
Middle East Group is a leading business conglomerate in Libya.
Diversified Business.
Business experience over 30 years.
Well-respected business in Libya.
Professionally managed and long-standing relation with investors.
Presence in all major cities in Libya and infrastructure unmatched by any Competitor.
Key elements for any business can be immediately supported with the Banking and Insurance sector of the group.


Our mission is to be a customer-centric company offering diverse, world-class products and services at the best value without compromising on quality. We aim for customer satisfaction at the core of our activities.


To be a globally acclaimed company, achieving excellent customer satisfaction with engaged employees. A world leader in business, automotive, education, and engagement helping create a better global organization. 


Middle East group has five core values that guide and determine our actions and culture.
1. We give respect in each interaction with Our clients, partners, and Our employees.
2. We are highly righteous in communications, negotiations and decisions. 
3. We work together as a team efficiently across industries, work groups and among leaders.
4. We strive to be the best in our product, standards, service and operations.
5. Our commitment to innovation and change to be one step ahead.