We developed our products through research & developments under strict quality control production processes to insure the highest performance throughout the life period of the products.

ISOFLEX has over 35 years experience in supplying the most comprehensive range of special application, high quality construction chemicals. The company enjoys an excellent reputation in the local and international markets for its excellent services in the supply of superior material quality and efficient consultancy and technical support.

We are offering high performance products range for Residential /Commercial developments, Tunnels, Bridges, Highways, Dams, Stadiums, Railways offshore/onshore rigging and all other construction fields.

ISOFLEX has many product brands in the industry including Isotexa, Isocoalta, Isocemex, Isocemtex, Isomax under its logo. We have limited custom product range in comparison with our competitors, and this is due to our belief that our standard range is suitable to most complex applications.

We offers complete solutions with full technical support and not just chemical products which results in reduced time and coordination cost to the contractors and applicators.

ISOFLEX technical dept offer product advice to make sure the most suitable products is used for the job, in terms of application and cost.