Ikia Consulting Services

IKIA is a Real Estate Advisory firm in Chennai offering investment and consultancy services. We offer our services in the real estate market, to investment trusts, family offices and to individual investors across the world.

Our experienced team of real estate consultants and advisors in Chennai coordinate with the owners of real estate in Tamilnadu to develop customized solutions for them. We also offer services related to project marketing services for builders and property owners. To provide the best management services we work with talented and experienced real estate advisors, brokers and agents in Chennai. We ensure that the clients get profitable advice and solutions, which enhance the value of their assets in Chennai real estate market, and also on their investments across India and abroad. We manage your real estate portfolio efficiently through customized programs to impact maximum returns on your immovable assets. We understand your priorities, and design solutions to suit your requirements.

The teams at IKIA are experts in real estate consulting and investment, matters related to taxation and audit services, legal, liaising and estate planning. Investors and landlords rely on our expert advice on all property transactions and liaising abilities to optimize their returns on investments. Our vast knowledge about real estate in India, gives us an edge to provide you the best possible solutions. We provide our services to residential, commercial, freehold and leasehold properties.