Honaz Fzco

HONAZ FZCO is one of the leading manufacturers and global providers for inkjet solutions which include coding and marking machines, inks and spare parts in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europa and Australia.
Established in 2003, we are the branch of MapleJet for East, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Honaz has been supplying coding and marking solutions for over 12 years and has built a reputation on exceptional product quality and the best in customer relations. We strive to put ourselves in the place of our clients and give them our full attention at all times.
MapleJet's D-O-D inkjet printers can print everything from text, barcodes, production & expiry dates, logos, pictures onto metal, cardboard, plastic cartons, cans, labels, eggs, pipes, tubes, etc.

Our machines cater to various industrşes such as foon and beverage, pharmaceutical, pipe, lubricant, chemical, glass, cosmetic and can be used for various industrial applications.
Honaz provides high quality, reliable, cost efficient solutions coupled with strong supply chain, wide distribution network and technical support.