Hashemizadeh Trading Co. LLC

The company being Sole agent for some of the most reputed brands in this field of business, such as Kopiko Coffee & Cappuccino Candy, Meiji Choco Biscuits, German Choco Lollies and the full range of products from this factory, Apollo range of Wafers, Anata products including Toffees, Chocolates & Wafers, Wide Range of Cookies & biscuits from different Malaysian manufacturers, Excellent range of Soft Jellies from ‘Gelo’ Greece, to name a few. 
The company always tries to deliver the best possible products to its esteemed customers at the most competitive prices also offering them wide choice to choose from as per their tastes & requirements.

We try to reach into each and every corner of the country with our strong distribution network, which includes the team of salesmen that cater to major supermarkets and additionally the fleet of vansales that attends to lower segment of the trade including small supermarkets and groceries around the corner.
The distribution is further spread with supplies to Duty Free shops located at Airports in the Country, the convenience stores located at Petrol stations throughout UAE, meaning a nearly total coverage of different segments of retail trade.
Considering these activities and the trend of the local economy, the company has been registering reasonable growth in terms of volume & revenue each year.
The company presently employs more then 80 staff in different categories The imports of the company are centralized at one place in Dubai and so are the deliveries centrally placed, but there is a sales team in different emirates i.e. Abu Dhabi, Al Ain etc; to ensure customers get the better and most importantly prompt service.
Thus, with this set up, we enjoy a very good reputation amongst our customers not only within UAE but also overseas meaning good volume of products are re-exported to neighboring countries.
Similar is the situation on the other side with our suppliers proven by the fact that for majority of the products, the company has been the agent for many years now and that too for the markets of UAE, Oman and Qatar.
To constantly remind the customers of our brand, the different modes of advertising used are: Free sampling of the new & regular products at major supermarkets, Public Transport advertising, radio campaigns, and most importantly the customers promotion with benefit going directly to the customer for their support to the brands.
Head Office & and main showroom of the company are located in Al-Rass, Deira which is the central market for confectionery and food trade with customers from the neighboring countries of Oman, Qatar & Africa regularly coming in to buy their requirements in quantities suited to their market.