Graphic International Centre LLC

Graphic International Centre, (GIC), with an expertise of over 30 years and branches spread out all over the UAE, offers a suite of totally integrated solutions to suit any organization. As technology is increasingly viewed as a driver for transforming organizational operations, we strive to become your one integrated solutions partner!
Building on its traditional strengths, Graphic International Centre is well poised to secure its role as the largest provider of business solutions through its increasing presence in the region’s business world and the significant service centre ability to support international MNC product distribution. The focus, as always, will be on providing quality high technology products.
Our capabilities are well groomed in the scope of solutions we provide and the geographic areas in which we do business. We place a premium on careful study, organization and execution, and are committed to every detail until each solution achieves its purpose and is completed. In every instance, we create a solution that blends functional utility with our customer’s budget. Of equal importance, we are also dedicated to maintaining high standards of after-sales service.
And the advantage…
One supplier… who consistently provides outstanding level of service and demonstrates a thorough understanding of their products & solutions.
Bring the best products, services and business solutions to our customer’s doorsteps through exemplary customer service.
Constantly innovate and discover new methods of identifying and delivering the Right products, services and solutions that best fit our customers’ evolving requirements.
We, at Graphic International Centre LLC, are committed to enhancing and sustaining customer satisfaction. This commitment is an integral part of the company’s values and system and is practiced by all our employees.
We shall achieve this by continuously adapting and adopting better products, services, systems and processes that meet quality, statutory, regulatory and ‘best practices’ standards and thereby foster good partnerships with our stakeholders.