Glory Equipment

Since 2001
Glory Equipment is based in Abu Dhabi for over 15 years serving to the Marine and Oilfield Sector with excellent service.

Our professional management is committed to offer excellent service with its resources to support the entire sector our staff provide personal service with long term client relationship.

Our greatest asset is the ability to supply a comprehensive range of pipes, valves and pipe fittings.

Using our substantial in-house resources plus the experience gained in the business by our staff, which has hands and experience in oil and gas construction industries.


To delight the customer in every interaction with Glory.
To be the market leader in oilfield and marine supplies.
To constantly innovate spheres of out business namely products, marketing and customer service.


Goal Oriented: We will always begin with an end in the mind. We will always clearly define what constitutes achievement of our target.

Honor our word: We will do our best to give a commitment to a customer, supplier or associate once we are sure that can be honored. We will constantly set up systems to ensure that we live upto our commitment.

Empowerment: We will empower our associates to satisfy the customer so that the customer is delighted by his interaction with Glory. This will also enable every associate to reach their true potential.