Generalux Electrical Equipments

Since 2003 Glux initiates activities in Margarita Island, Venezuela, initially with the sale of electrical products in general and in the measurement of time he specialized in marketing window air conditioners and "split" to offer modern articles and quality. 
When completing 10 years in the market continues to innovate to its huge customer base with a modern and high - tech product produced by their own manufacturers. Thus it is keeping with the times and new realities of the country and the world in addition to comfort and excellence Glux has a production line of air conditioners that feed solar energy, thereby ensuring saving, clean environment and energy 100% efficient. 
Glux that way specializes in the manufacture of solar air conditioners that revolutionized by modernity, with a presence in China, Panama, Hong Kong, United States, Nicaragua, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. 
that great vision also allows you to project future a series of assembly that allows people of each country accessibility and proximity.