Gem Plaza LLC

Gem Plaza LLC established in 1991 has grown into a full­fledged trading and marketing organisation that imports, re­exports, distributes and merchandises a broad spectrum of world class Cosmetics, Toiletry and Perfumery products sourced exclusively from manufacturers based in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Lebanon and U.K. Gem Plaza LLC has steadily expanded its clientele around the globe and are the sole­distributors for many brands catering to countries in Middle East, Africa, Western Asia, CIS countries and
Europe. Further to its advantage, Dubai being one of the main Hubs for business all around the globe, has provided great support by way of giving opportunities to cater to the requirements of different parts of the world right from its prime location. In today's intensively competitive environment, Gem Plaza LLC deems itself well poised to meet the requirements of any potential market with its wide range of quality products through its direct marketing policy and commitment to its suppliers. Also with the support and co­operation from its suppliers, Gem Plaza LLC now positions itself to meet consumers demand on more choice and greater value for money by introducing new products that are well suited for their markets. Overall, the success of Gem Plaza LLC can be attributed to the special attention that is paid to each and every aspect of its ever­ developing business and also the utmost co­operation and support that it has received from its suppliers and loyal customers.