Fleet Management Systems Company W L L

We at FMSi concentrate on building solutions that will help companies better manage and operate their mobile fleet and assets, thus increasing efficiency and decreasing operating expenses to insure competitive results. We aim on becoming the leading providers of fleet management and tracking solution in the Middle East and Gulf. 

With a growing concern for organizations with fleets to manage, Fleet Management Systems International (FMSi) has positioned itself as leading provider of exceptional fleet management and vehicle tracking service provider.Through strategic partnerships with leading technology providers, the company offers extensive solutions providing companies of various sizes local and regional services.
Today, through our head offices in the United Arab Emirates and affiliated network of local offices and partners in the region, 

FMSI carries out several projects in the Middle East , GCC and African region.
Our team has proven and demonstrated experience in tailoring flexible solutions with over 10 years of experience in this industry.

FMSi has assisted many organizations in identifying specific needs and delivering the right solution for their fleet to better manage and improve there road safety standards, improve productivity levels to help organizations achieve greater savings and efficiency delivering unmatched consultative value during and after the sale. In conclusion, we give you all the required tools to better manage and control your fleet.

Our continued leadership and impressive track record of entrepreneurial success continues to set us apart from competition offering cutting edge technology and unparalleled products and services to meet any industry sector. 
Through our network, you work with a dedicated country manager who knows you, your business and your fleet inside out. It is important we get to know your business, because doing so helps us develop customized plans to fit your need ; we won't ask to adapt to us - we will adapt to you.