Exim Uniforms

Since 1990
Exim Uniforms LLC is a core supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment and other safety products to various industries like Corporate, Aviation, Hospitality, Educational, Industrial, Retail and Healthcare across GCC. We cater and specialize in catering to the specific needs of sub-segments within these industries for their diverse range of Uniforms requirements. We have been in the textiles business for over 25 years through our parent companies. With attentive care and expertise, as renowned Uniforms outfitters, we source and import fabrics and finished garments from around the world to meet all the specifications, needs and requirement of our clients. Exim Uniforms LLC is a highly professional and passionate group. The EXIM Uniforms product line is extremely diverse, some of the products we manufacture in house or source include shirts, trousers, coveralls, Pant – Shirt, Safety shoes, helmets, rain wear, safety goggles, safety vest, T Shirts and all kinds of Uniforms. No matter what your needs or price points. We have you covered.

Our vision is to be the world's most client-centric Uniforms Service Provider; by leveraging our global network,professionalism and attention to detail to provide our clients the most innovative products with the best services and price points.