Delma Interiors

Concepts, brands and choices the range of furniture, and fittings changes as demand evolves. Delma Interiors is committed to providing only the best. Delma Interiors is a member of Al Khaja Holding, founded by Mr. Fateh Ali Ismail Al Khaja in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and now one of the leading holding groups in the United Arab Emirates. Delma Interiors specializes in design and construction of office and contract spaces throughout the Middle East and Africa. Our skills are constantly enriched within a portfolio of multidisciplinary integrated services at all stages of the design process: research and development, design and production are the distinguishing elements at the core of our design philosophy. The company relies on the expertise of local and European Managers. Inside it has a technical department dedicated to 2D and 3D design with Italian designer can optimize and upgrade any type of space. The desire to listen to customer needs, combined with our creativity and experience represent the main spread of skills Delma Interiors has at its disposal. Our work is addressed to government agencies, large private corporations but also to Interiors companies and Architecture studies. Enjoy Delma Interiors…The new way to redefine your space.