Biosis Security Systems LLC

We are committed in providing Security products with good quality and after sales services. BioSIs Security  offers a complete range of up to date security door access control solutions, specialized in biometric attendance and RFID Door Access Control systems, we also offer long range distance with RFID systems for car parking and door systems, Biosis  offers a complete range of biometric and RFID Attendance systems which suits for small, medium and large companies, by top leading manufactures around the globe , plus we produce our own brand computers, laptops, and high end server manufactures to international standards combining excellent value and quality workmanship.
BioSis , offers complete range of Closed circuit dome cameras, IP based cameras, and wireless cameras, with digital video crystal clear recording, BioSisr offers a complete range of video door phone systems with excellent quality to secure residences such as flats, villas. Office and building.
We also offers a complete range security guard tour systems to alert your building security guards safely and harmless working environment,
BioSis  also offer a Branded computers, Servers ,Routers ,Switches ,Server Racks & Monitor Printers from various reputed companies .We are pleased to inform you that we are a leading business partner for HP,ACER,IBM,Microsoft CISCO system ,APC ,Intel Linksys, XEROX and other leading brands with immense experience installation and network supports solutions. We have more than 6000 satisfied corporate clients around the globe.