Bin Jabr Group Of Companies LLC

After only three decades,Group’s portfolio of activities include both private and governmental entities in the areas of defense, healthcare, retail, construction, energy and manufacturing, as well as many others. With their success in attracting top companies and their earned reputation for excellence and integrity,has become one of the largest and most influential financial groups in the Middle East. takes pride in its numerous achievements and financial diversity. One of its most notable milestones was a joint Venture with Jan De Nul in the dredging and creation of Port Zayed in Abu Dhabi.’s contributions were equally important in assisting the UAE Armed Forces, through its communications contract with Thales.
Bin Jabr’s multimillion dollar contract with TATRA to develop a superior and highly sophisticated 8x8 vehicle, grew into what is now a substantial and important business in military vehicles. Additionally,played a key role in pioneering the NIMR, the first military automobile designed and manufactured in the Middle East region. ’s earned client trust and unfailing commitment to growth and improvement have shapedinto the company of excellence it is today. From its beginning in the early seventies until now,has recognized and responded to the need to promote joint ventures with the some of the world’s leading industry experts, as well as to represent only those companies that genuinely benefit the UAE.has succeeded in creating a business culture that not only benefits its stakeholders, but one that also lives up to its prestigious image as one of the original powerhouses of industry in the Middle East. Today, with well over 30 companies under its umbrella,Group continues to be a strong and influential model for sound business practice, setting industry standards for growth through intelligent investments choices, as well as creative and productive economic stimulus projects that benefit both the business industry and the nation.