ALTEC Middle East

ALTECiSyS Private Limited has been in business since 1996 specializing in Consulting, Software Development, Computer Applications and ICT Services for Corporates all over the world. The Company is headquartered in Hyderabad, India with its Corporate Office at Habeeb Mansion. ALTECiSyS has a branch office at Sharjah, UAE, operating as ALTEC Middle East and a JV at Abu Dhabi operating as ALTECiSyS LLC.
We exceed customer expectation by providing high quality, low cost, highly reliable IT services and solutions in a timely manner. ALTECiSyS 's vision is to be an independent profit-making company and among the leaders in IT. We provide turnkey services of the highest quality, faster turnaround and at lowest cost to companies all over the world.
The team strength of ALTECiSyS stems from its US educated and trained professional Promoter Directors. They have rich cross-cultural work experience in the US, the Middle East & Africa and the Pacific.