Al Daa'Ma Corporation (LLC)

Since 1955
Al Daa’ma company has the exclusive rights for manufacturing and distributing Evolve products in the GCC countries and Turkey. As the exclusive distributor for the U.S Florida-based company AGAIA and their revolutionary range of ‘Evolve’ products, following is a short summary of the all-natural cleaning solutions that will surely change how business and industry cleans. We provide affordable, powerful and non-toxic solution.
Evolve’s technology proactively captures and breaks down or emulsifies, soils, odor-causing bacteria, grease, grime and virtually all other unwanted contaminants at the molecular level in seconds, leaving no dangerous residues behind on the surfaces cleaned or in the environment.
As the most significant new development in cleaning in nearly 60 years, Evolve represents the next generation in cleaning technologies capable of delivering vastly superior results over chemical cleaners while offering an unprecedented new level of safety.