Ajmal International Trading Co. LLC

Since 1952
Today this multi-million dollar family-owned business is steered by the passion of the second and third-generation Ajmals, each playing a key role in the brand’s development.
In 2004, Ajmal Perfumes set up a new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Dubai in order to keep up with the region's increasing fragrance demands. Strategically located in Dubai's industrial area and built at a total cost of US$10 million, the 150,000-square foot facility houses manufacturing units, a fully automated packaging division and an extensive Research and Development (R&D) wing. Ajmal's plant serves as the fragrance house's main source for its complete product range including oriental and western fragrances as well as bath products. One of the best and one of its kind in the region, the plant explores new techniques to produce creative and quality raw materials and fragrances to meet changing customer preferences and current international trends. 
The comprehensive facility, equipped with the latest European technology for key processes such as blending, filling and packaging, has a capacity to produce approximately 50,000 bottles of fragrances per day to meets the demands of the company's network of retail and distribution outlets across the world.