Airolink Building Contracting Ltd

Since 2016
The history of AIROLINK is deeply entrenched in Europe whereby; Airolink Building Contracting Ltd was set up in 2001 to cater to the specialized needs of a booming construction industry in Ireland (2001-2008). It was during this period that we cemented the foundations of our legacy, through comprehensive management controls, highly competitive pricing and a bottom line commitment to quality. 

As a result of our company’s professional endeavours, ‘Airolink’ became synonymous with speed, quality and price competitiveness, particularly within investment circles eager to start recouping their investments at the earliest possible stages. We were subsequently awarded many large scale commercial, industrial and residential projects which we consistently executed to a very high standard. 

Having established in Europe, Airolink expanded to Middle East with some of the prestigious contracts in UAE in 2008 establishing Airolink Building Contracting LLC ,Dubai. Further in 2012 Airolink bought over a Grade 2 Contracting company in Abudhabi with a history of 12 years and established Airolink International Construction LLC.