Ahmed Mubarak Debt Collection

Total Rating - 5/5
With over 10 years of experience, Ahmed Mubarak Debt Collection (AMDC) is licensed by the Government of Sharjah as “Debt Collectors” for consumer & commercial debts.
It specialises in recovery of bad debts with a strong sense of sustaining the client’s relationships. Remedial management is its forte, and its plans have helped its clients keep and further develop the existing relationship with their clients.
With sophisticated world class practices, AMDC team is well versed in the relevant laws & regulations to maximize results. Relevant case law that pertains to whatever the situation dictates. AMDC uses this information to support its collection efforts and educate the debtor as to why, based on their legal responsibility, it is in their best interest to pay. The law, when it is on your side, is the best advantage you can have
Contrary to what people may think, the art of collections is more than just asking for money. It is knowing whom you are speaking to before you pick up the phone. Knowing their financials, assessing their credit, locating assets, and using a range of psychological techniques to engage on an individual basis.