Abjar Advertising

Since 2002 Abjar advertising has maintained a commitment to creativity and quality as it serves clients across United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and in numerous other countries. Abjar advertising is the place where design meets the customer wish. We provide our clients with strong visual communications and powerful creative concepts. Our work is based on the philosophy that one picture says more than a thousand words and apply this theory to all work; from visual identities to print ads to menu cards, from promotional materials to sign boards. 

Abjar is equipped with highly experienced and creative resources, Superior marketing expertise, a relationship-oriented sales team and full service facilities of modern printing and advertising equipments which places the organization on top of our competitors. Our expertise on the marketing and advertisements of Food industry especially on Cafeterias and Restaurants, gave us the cutting edge advantage in our 13 years journey and our 3000+ customer base shows how successful and committed we were in last 13 years…
We express our honest gratitude to Almighty and express our sincere thanks to you as a valued partner. We are committed to provide you the same quality service on all our future relationship and assure you that we will update our-self continuously along with the latest trend and enhancement on the industry and technology to serve you better and to provide you the best available in the market.