United Resources LLC

We provide Generators with full fledged accessories including logistic support and standby technicians.We provide wide range of Generators.Currently we have several ongoing AMC contracts for which we always provide quality services.We also supply Brand new generators as well as second hand Machines including quality spare parts.
Our professional service Engineers and technicians are available around the clock and form the basis of our workforce. We have a total of 20 employees with 5 standby vehicles to chase and tackle breakdown calls 24 x 7.Continuing our ongoing efforts to provide our clients with better products and services, the company offers renting services either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Clients are offered a choice of financing plans with payments that can be made in instalments - monthly or even at the customer’s pleasure. United Resources LLC continues to strengthen its position in the market by consistently introducing innovative and customer focused services, as well as regularly training its staff at all levels.
The Head office is located in Sharjah at the industrial section, where the workshop has been incorporated too. Situated at Industrial Area 17, a large enough workspace has been provided for the technicians and engineers to carry out their tasks successfully with the utmost level of care and safety.
With our professional assistance and competitive rates, we promise to offer you unmatched service for all your equipment needs without compromising on quality. We believe in Total Customer Satisfaction and ultimate performance at every level.The management of the company believes in good interpersonal relationships and the portrayal of appropriate reverence for each and every employee and client. This policy has created a good spirit of teamwork, which has allowed the company to grow healthy and continually achieving tops quality. This has been instrumental in the success of the company and has helped it to gain an enviable position in a highly competitive market.The company is also known for its excellent quality services providing Annual Maintenance (AMC) for Generators, compressors, welding machines, Fork lifts etc. Further we also provide accessories which include synchronising panels (multiple gen-set connections,) customised DB boards, Fuel Tanks, Diesel Fuel, Power cables , Change Over Switch and transportation as well.