Turbolin Lubricants LLC

Turbolin­® brand of high-quality lubricants provide optimal performance for almost all automotive applications that meet the exacting requirements of today’s engine manufacturers. With the increasing stress on engine oil due to complex, downsized and fuel-efficient engines, the load on the engine oil increases drastically over the manufacturer’s recommended oil change interval. This makes it even more important for your lubricant of choice to provide optimal performance over longer periods of time, while maintaining the fuel economy and overall power output of your engine.
Turbolin® uses a special blend of premium quality virgin base stock and advanced additives ensure that your engine continues to work at its best for longer.The detergent additives ensure that your engine stays clean after every consecutive oil change by preventing the buildup of deposits. And advanced corrosion inhibitors keep working to safeguard your engine parts from any wear and tear, even when it is parked, prolonging the overall life of your engine.