Synaxis Media & Advertising

What was new has already become old. 
That inspired the creation of Synaxis Media. 
Synaxis-Media Management Team, saw that shopping malls presented the most dynamic retail environment anywhere. Shopping malls were the single most visited public places, and here, the shoppers were more susceptible to listening to advertisements as they are in the mood to shop and buy. 
But Synaxis Media did not stop there. Not settling for just placing posters and advertisements in malls, Synaxis Media introduced the concept of motion graphics and video advertising in the cities malls. 
The combination proved to be a great mix. 
Synaxis-Media has had great success introducing these new innovative media solutions to the Arab world. Starting from the city of Abu Dhabi, it has already expanded its portfolio to over four large malls and is growing everyday. The company’s innovative approach to digital out-of-home media has uplifted the communications means in the United Arab Emirates to the next level and has helped to accelerate the media boom in the region.