Stealth Telecom Fzc

Technically associated with major manufacturers and vendors worldwide as well as with locally based well reputed civil construction enterprises, it has then rapidly grown into well known and successful contender in the field of radio communications service providers capable to supply turnkey solutions from surveying to testing and commissioning of wide range of telecom projects. In line with the ideology of being an integrated solution provider and using impressive several decades RF design and work experience of our engineers and directors, Stealth Telecom has gained expertise in technical support and consultancy services in radio communications and broadcast fields, that objectively have led to the decision of extending of our own research, design and prototyping activities.

Research and development transform ideas into products. Starting from 1999 Stealth Telecom has merged into category of companies devoted to designing, developing and bringing to the market a range of quality niche-market communications products such as antenna systems, antenna matching networks, phasors, diplexers, etc. Stealth Telecom has adopted its storage building located in the Sharjah Intl Airport Free Zone into production plant with modern electronic laboratory, assembly and mechanical work plant facilities.
The personnel who make up the management team are responsible for all design know-how and management aspects of the company. All staff at Stealth Telecom are hand picked for their practical experience, achievement and relevant qualifications.
Our extensive trade experience with clients from private, corporate and humanitarian organizations provides effective feedback that helps to guide our development and production activities in right direction. The company operates from a sound financial base and is committed to steady continuous growth through a focus on its key competencies in product innovation and marketing.
It is the mission of Stealth Telecom to offer a level of products and services unmatched in the radio communications business, servicing customers and clients with state of the art communication solutions based on individual user needs. Our Stealth's team is available to assist our clients in all phases of setting up advanced communication systems; from idea to implementation.