St. Joseph's Church

Fr. Barnabas Madii undertook the task of constructing the Church and a residence for the priests and on February 19, 1965 the first Church was inaugurated.
On 19 March 1981, the foundation for the present Church was laid, following the Ruler’s decision that the Church and its associated schools be moved to a different location. The inauguration of the new complex took place on 25 February 1983, in the presence of Sheikh Shakbut.

The parish today has over 100,000 expatriate Catholics from all over the world. With the growing economy within the region, the Church has also witnessed a steady increase in the number of faithful. Masses are celebrated in several different languages and the Church is generally seen packed to full capacity at most services.
A major section of the parish complex was demolished at the beginning of 2013 to give way for the construction of new halls/catechetical rooms/offices/residence for priest's and staff.