Sinewave Technologies LLC

Founded in 2003, Sinewave Technologies has been delivering value-driven technology solutions across the UAE through its sales and operation center in Dubai, UAE. Customers include large, multinational enterprises, as well as mid-sized organizations from a wide variety of industries.
 The nucleus of Sinewave Technologies is comprised of former IT, Business Communications, Corporation management, engineers, technicians and customer service representatives, with a combined experience of 125 years. This selection of professionals has allowed us to enter the marketplace with a strong base of 2,000+ customers. We are very proud that, unlike much of the competition, we continue to provide service and technical support on every product we have sold in the region.
We at Sinewave Technologies are confident that our company has the required products, experience, design capabilities and support necessary to provide the  region with unparalleled solutions and service, now and in the future.