Rolli International LLC

Rolli products are designed in Germany and in collaboration with the respected Binghalib Engineering, a UAE based company with ISO 9001 certified. Binghalib Engineering has been successfully operating since 1981 and prides itself on quality and service.

Rolli products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure functional reliability and user comfort. The basic materials are sourced worldwide and fulfill the required international standards of ISO, DIN and BS.

Rolli headquarters are located in Dubai, U.A.E. while Rolli’s manufacturing facilities are set up in the Sharjah-Hamriyah Free Zone. The U.A.E. has proven itself to be the perfect logistical location for our worldwide cliental and the Sharjah-Hamriyah Free Zone facilities are ideal to help our dedicated teams of sales and service personnel to provide quality service to all our clients.

Rolli’s Team is committed to quality because we believe that ONLY QUALITY HAS A FUTURE