Red Sea Housing Services Company FZE

With significant experience in providing industrial housing products and services in remote and urban locations across the world in more than 65 countries for over 4 decades, RSHS has cemented exceptional reputation for designing, planning, producing, managing, leasing, and operating corporate housing solutions. At Red Sea Housing Services, we build housing facilities and related infrastructure – on a large scale, to tight deadlines, with quick turnarounds – in remote, rugged areas across the globe, to meet the requirements of multi-national corporations, regional players, and governments. Through its main subsidiaries, it provides civil contracting for commercial and residential buildings; offers real estate property investment and development; production of paints, coatings and construction machinery and equipment; and repair and maintenance services. Recently, RSHS has developed an innovative modular building system to construct multi-level steel frame buildings for hotels, apartments, schools, etc. This new system enables clients to take advantage of the significant time and cost savings that modular construction can deliver.