Micro Steel Fabrication LLC

Our commitment to delivering high-end engineered metal products to a wide range of industries, including new and existing Shipbuilding, Civil & Construction, Oil & Gas, etc has been the cornerstone of continued success. 
Over the past decade, we have successfully executed many projects for small, medium & large scale industries. We have concentrated mostly on the Aluminium Smelters in the region and area preferred associate when it comes to Projects. We  could  establish  ourselves  to  be  a  partner  for  many  of  the  solution  providing companies  in  this  field.    We  have  a  team  of  experienced  and  dedicated  technicians  monitored  by qualified and experienced Management team.
In  the  last  two  years  we  have diversified our business  and  now  we  operate  as  four  divisions, Fabrication, Machine Shop, Projects Division and Process Improvement division  We  have  a  well-equipped  machine shop  which  can  support  us  in  the  engineering  commitments  on  field  as  well  as  provide  solution  to  a diverse clientele
We have been certified by DUBAL for fabrication/mechanical engineering jobs. It is our pleasure to inform you that we have been accredited by ISO 9001:2008