Megalite FZCO

The one hundred percent commitment to product quality, durability, performance, and esthetics have helped Megalite to be established as a leading manufacturer of affordable world class luminaires in many parts of the world.
At present, lighting technology is more modern and at a transition stage, which the lighting world has never experienced before. LED lighting is here to stay and we shall witness radical improvements in efficiency, light quality, and lighting pollution enabling luminaire manufacturers to develop more environment friendly luminaires in different shapes and sizes, a lighting designer’s dream of the past coming true. Megalite is reforming and regrouping to a modern luminaire manufacturer with more focus on LED lighting. As part of this change, Megalite have joined hands with Mazinoor Lighting Industries, a leading luminaire manufacturer located in Babol, Iran who were originally licensed to manufacture a variety of Megalite designed luminaires for their captive market. Megalite through the years worked hard and together with their customers have succeeded in establishing a brand image synonymous with innovation, reliability, undisputed product quality and affordability.
The commitment to improve and re-engineer processes makes Megalite one of the few lighting companies that consistently invests in new technology, machinery, moulds and top end components. Megalite shall continue to interact closely with their revered customers to enable offer integrated and innovative lighting solutions to various projects. Together with the unrivalled resources and flexibility at hand, Megalite can tailor products and services precisely to meet customer needs as well as their expectations whilst remaining fully committed to customer satisfaction. Megalite long term vision is to light up this beautiful world so that mankind can see and enjoy life in its true glory and true colors.