Lobo & Listone LLC

Lobo & Listone provides wooden flooring, luxury indoor and outdoor designer furniture, wall cladding, art & artefacts as well as allied products and accessories.
Lobo & Listone is, indeed, the true representation of great Names in Wood-flooring and Furnishing. Like wood, they continuously evolve while always remaining faithful to their origins. It is important to remember that mere quality of the product does not guarantee excellence, comfort and longevity of the wooden flooring: only right installation, maintenance and use can!
Lobo & Listone is the leader in offering traditional Italian and European elegance. With a 40,000-square meter store room showcasing over 30 International brands in flooring, furnishings and allied products, you’re sure to find the brand, style, and quality you are looking for. Lobo & Listone has brought this classic and stylish option to the UAE in a big way, making this classic and beautiful interiors option obtainable. Whether you are looking to add style and life to your home, office, or to your next big project, Lobo & Listone can help you fulfill your dreams.
Lobo & Listone specializes in Green Solutions for a Cleaner and Environment-Friendly world. All our products qualify for Green Building Norms – ESTIDAMA, LEED, BREEM, and are FSC and PEFC Certified.