Kite N Surf



Welcome to Kite n Surf, a company that serves those looking to brave the seas through any of the various water disciplines we offer. Our team of certified instructors and water sport enthusiasts are here to safely show you the ropes and help you master the sport. 

Who are we?
We are pirates, the good kind, the kind that push you when you’re in doubt, and drive you to banish your fears. While some of us might seem like grown ups, we are actually quite young at heart. We are storm chasers, adventure seekers, we are brothers and sisters, some of us are parents while others are sons and daughters, but more importantly we are all kite N’ surfers. 

What drives us?
We are in this for the love of the sport. Imagine drifting on water, miles away from the shore, the sun setting at the horizon as a cool breeze strokes your face, and you catch sight of a dolphin, a whale, or any of the other mystical creatures that roam the deep blue sea. Some might call this a far fetched dream, we call this life! Our ambition is to grow the sport in the UAE, and promote the numerous benefits that come with kite boarding, paddle boarding and Surfing a healthy and fun lifestyle regardless of age, gender or race.