Intraco UAE Limited

Intraco UAE Limited is the agent and distributor of High Performance and Medium Performance Pyrolytic Coated Reflective and Tinted Float glasses. Intraco UAE. Limited is the sole distributor  for  major international glass manufacturers in U.S.A. and Europe.

Intraco is  also the Sole distributor of Intrabond  Composite Panels in the whole Middle East which is one of the Intraco Group companies.Intraco is by far the largest stockist of Float glass, Architectural High-Performance glass used for DSC00013Curtain Walls, Structural glazing, Skylights and Windows etc. The stock of Tinted and Pyrolytic Coated glass is maintained in the Jebel Ali facility, wherein it  can store about 400,000 sqm of glass (in the near future this capacity will be-be doubled).