International Printing Press

Currently the group comprises of 16 well-managed and successful companies, holdings and affiliates.
Mr. Abdul Qader Saleh Albanna, Chairman and CEO of the group leads this huge conglomerate of businesses from the front. The services and products provided by the group range from packing, immigration, construction, engineering onto advertising and printing.
The group is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Over the years it has successfully transformed itself from a traditional business of the 70′s to a modern corporate giant investing heavily in modern technology and state of the art machinery. While constantly upgrading technologically and simultaneously maintaining the traditional values of hard work, quality, it has also concentrated on strategic human resources development.
Currently employing more than 950 highly trained professionals, technicians, management and support staff the group gives utmost importance to training and up gradation. The reliable and trained work force has turned out to be a huge asset and has acted as a catalyst in the group’s phenomenal growth in the last two and a half decades.