International Management & Construction Corporation

The Seven operating companies form one of the largest service organisations in the Gulf ­ Middle East region. It provides exceptional multi­product based Fabrication facilities which offers product ranges for the Oil and Gas Offshore/Onshore industry and power/desalination plants on a single one stop shop basis, for both up stream and down stream development projects.
With over 745,000 square meters and a work force of around 6000 plus skilled workers produce 12.0 million productive man­hours , Supervisors and Mangers, these yards are capable of producing 60,000 to 70,000 tons of quality Fabricated steel structures and Components per year. GPC is the largest of the six and has extensive Fabrication and Erection facilities with substantial workshops for both structural components and pipe spool
manufacture. Numerous medium and heavy lift Crawler Cranes provide services for construction of large Offshore structures such as: Semi­submersible / Jackup Drill Rigs, Offshore Platforms including Jackets & Topsides (Process,
Drilling, and Water Injection etc.), Process & Pipe Rack Modules, FPSO Turrets & Calm Buoys and many other heavy structures. GPC has 6 yards adjacent to each other with a total area of approx. 600,000 sqm. Also, GPC
has now diversified its Fabrication Facilities for the construction of ‘Semisubmersible Drilling Rigs’ by constructing a state of the art ‘Dry Dock Facilities’ purpose built for erection and construction of these semi­sub. Drill
IMAC is a Fabrication Erection yard, which has specialist capabilities in manufacturing of heavy steel structures and structural steel components such as Plate/Box Girders etc. It is well equipped and has nine modern overhead cranes for erection of heavy to medium sized structures such as Hulls for Rigs, Topsides, Buoys, medium­size Turrets, and Bridges. It is also capable of Rolling Large Diameter Tubular. GSME is one of the largest and highly sophisticated fabrication companies in the Middle East region. GSME is able to fabricate Carbon, Stainless, Exotic
materials, as well as special alloys while meeting the highest standards of product quality. GSME has a well equipped Heavy Duty Machine Shop, Load out Jetty Facility, as well as some Vessel Fabrication/Assembly Shops. GSME is a holder of ASME ‘U’, ‘U2’, ‘S’, ‘A’, ‘PP’ and National Board ‘R’ Stamp and ‘NB’ mark. GSME Products and Services are tailored to individual client requirements and specifications. GSME has Products in the Oil, Gas, Power, Water,Chemical and Petrochemical Industries. These products include Desalination Plant Equipment (MSF and MED type Evaporators, Brine Heaters etc.), Pressure Vessels & Tanks, Process Skid Packages, Heat Exchangers & Tube Bundles, Power & Industrial Piping, Structural Steel Works, Machining Works (CS, SS, &
Alloy Steels), and Repair Facilities.TGPC is a specialized Design, Fabrication, Erection, Machining and PreCommissioning yard for Large Port Container Handling Cranes under product name “Gulf Port Cranes”. Cranes manufactured are: Ship to Shore (STS), Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG), Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) and Ship Unloader
(SUL). Over the last 25 years this yard had supplied more than 85 STS’s and 150 RTG’s, fully erected and pre­commissioned from it’s highly competent and wellequipped facility in Abu Dhabi to different destinations Worldwide.