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  • [email protected]

    about 3 years ago

    Best app Development Company in the whole UAE. I run an e-commerce business catering customers from all around the UAE, especially Dubai. My online store seemed to be doing great until my business partner suggested me to expand our reach to more people with a mobile app. An associate suggested INGIC to me as he had been dealing with them for quite a long time. They took less than 3 months to build the perfect mobile app for me and maintained complete transparency and communication until my project was finished. The app was bug-free and yet they keep following up with me for after-sales support every month. Their prompt customer support has compelled me to post a review about their services.

  • [email protected]

    about 4 years ago

    This is a warning to all investors and designers/web developers not to deal with Ingic (Small or big projects). The company is very unreliable and a total waste of time. I have asked them to build a large website for my company on May 26th 2017, the website was never near completion up to this date!!! They keep lying and ask for more time (Extend deadlines) and i used to agree and grant them what they want, and when the new deadline comes i find out they have done nothing new at all, actually they have started again from scratch and made less progress than before. When i ask them "did you see the new work?" they say yes we did! I ask them to see it again, and when they do, they start apologizing and say we will make it up to you. They keep you in a never-ending loop. They claim they are based in Dubai and i find out they are based in India. They outsource everything they do and have no clue on the progress. I had to repeat my requirements 4 or 5 times every time, and they never get it right! They are so bad at design as well as web development. They claim to be the best but they are the worst. When you first contact them they seem to be very professional and provide high-end customer service, but wait until they start working. No one will update you on progress nor know what they are doing. They are good at asking you for payments which I paid on time (BTW, Many people will call you to collect payments and many emails will be sent). When it comes to delivering work, no one cares. I have asked them to build a website similar to a well-known website, and the work they never finished is nowhere near that website (Very basic old technologies). Names like Dexter, Alex, Sean, Bradley & Doug are never to be trusted. They keep giving fake excuses and fake promises. Yes, they have refunded the money i paid (Lost money because of currency exchange), but i have lost a lot of money because of their lack of commitment and unprofessionalism. They have destroyed a perfect beginning for my company and paid salaries to staff i was not supposed to hire too early while i was relying on the website to be handed over on time (The website is my main product as we sell classifieds ads). There are many cases all over the net supporting my statement, what "Capricieuse Design" said in his review is exactly the same experience as mine and i understand what they have been through. They have many fake addresses here in Dubai, they claim they are shifting offices and i went to check them all and find other companies operating in the same address. AVOID THIS FAKE COMPANY while you can, DON'T PAY THEM ANYTHING. Use other reliable companies. I don't want anyone to go through what i have gone through. Stay away from them.